Our passion for the work also derives from the feedback it gets.  People are deeply moved, change their beliefs and take different action to resolve conflict peacefully. A few samples of testimonials follow:

‘You prove that humanity wins over brutality, we as Palestinian and Israeli people need more people like you to learn that it’s possible’

‘Your story is very inspiring, and I feel that it has a great significance to what is happening here in Israel / Palestine, and might have a great impact on our struggle to end the occupation and for the process of understanding and reconciliation between the two peoples’

‘Your story, along with the way you present it and offer it to us for reaction and identification, is a rare gem in the jungle of violence, animosity and “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. By coming all this way to share your experiences, along with the deep-seated emotions that they evoke, you have performed a most noble act of true humanistic education, a voice of hope, reconciliation and of peace’

“A term which is usually used to describe the understanding of another’s perspective, we rarely see empathy embodied in our everyday world. Yet to hear Jo Berry speak about how she was able to understand the motives of the man who killed her father I was clearly reminded of its true definition; to listen without judgement. This, I believe, is a lesson anybody and everybody could apply to their everyday life.”

“It was a great way to gain a greater level of insight into such an emotional and poignant part of political history. It was inspirational to hear Jo’s hope in humanity is still intact and that the process of reconciliation was so successful”